Jan 17

Few Tips to Improve Your Exercise

We all know that getting and maintaining our shape could cost us quite a lot. Therefore, it will be wise to get a good result from the exercise’s investment that you have spent to shape up your body.

Unfortunately, many people have faced difficulties to shape up their bodies despite their efforts exercising regularly for long period of time. To make matter worse, some of them are getting the wrong idea by thinking that they will have better result by exercising in a long hour. Actually, this kind of thinking and exercising only make your body worn out by fatigue and even can lead you to serious injury.

Those people should know and realize that there are some simple methods to arrange their workout time and build a better exercise program and getting a good result from the exercise. These methods did not even cost you money, so you can keep your exercise budget low. They will assist you to shape up your body in a good way. And they are also do not take a lot of time to do it.

Here are some easy tips that will assist you to improve and maximize your exercise program and giving you better result for your body too:

Proper warm up and cool down before and after performing the exercise. You should take 5 to 10 minutes of warm up before performing heavy workout. To do it, you can do a simple aerobic movement or walking in a fast pace. This will improve the blood flow through out your body and prepare your muscles for the main workout.

At the end of your exercise, spare another 5 to 10 minutes to perform light relaxation movement such as stretching that is targeting at the major muscle groups such as your legs, chest, back and arms muscles. By doing this, you will assist your body to re-absorb some of the lactic acid that is produced during your workout session to reduce the soreness of your muscles. Lactic acid is metabolic byproduct that is produce when you move your muscle.

Drink enough water during the exercise. Our body usually will lose around 1 liter of body fluid per hour of exercise. So, to make sure your body function work properly you need to replace the loss of body fluid by drinking water. It is also has the benefit of cooling of your body when exercising.

Get a proper rest. Our body needs a proper amount of sleep for 7 to 8 hour at night. During sleep, our body will repair the tissue’s damage that occurs during the exercise and improve it by making it stronger.

Sleep also will give our body the time to fight and reduce the amount of bacteria which is present in our body. For people who are only getting less than 7 hours of night sleep, they should try to get a quick nap for about 10 to 20 minute, so their body will get additional rest.

Reduce the amount of starchy carbs intake. People should reduce their starchy carbs diets with foods that contain more protein such as fruit and vegetables. Starchy carbs diets contain more calories that can be stored as body fat.

Jan 06

What Is a Hair Analysis?

Hair AnalysisDid you know that in every strands of hair on your head contain certain permanent record? For every three-inch strand of your hair has history record for six-month long of chemical reaction that is happening in your body since the hair grows on your head. This record is used as information source in hair analysis.

Using hair analysis, you can find out exactly any out of the ordinary chemical reaction in a person such as; heavy metal contain inside the body, radiation, poisoning, medication, malnutrition, nutritional compound and many more.

Each hair fiber contains a protein that stored our body chemical composition information permanently. In hair analysis, the protein will be analyzed to find out any chemical composition in the body of that hair belong to. The chemical composition in our body is very well-mapped in our hair strand.

This will help people to determine what is wrong in their body in much detail and in faster way. So, they will able to search and find the right solution for the problems inside their bodies quickly.

The accuracy of hair analysis

The hair analysis is very accurate and credible. It has become standard testing that is use by many official government and private organizations worldwide, just like the urine, x rays and blood test.

The most important key for the accurate hair analysis is the expertise and capability of a person who conduct the analysis and interpreting the results. The US government has been utilizing the hair analyses in various applications for many decades now. The law enforcement agencies use it to get conclusive evidence for their investigations and also for drug testing.

Although this method is yet to be fully understood by the traditional medication, this method is highly trusted in the forensics world and other scientific research. Our hair follicles will represent our body’s past chemical environment. It will be difficult to conceal about your bodies past condition and history unless you are bald.

Hair analysis now has become standard testing method that is perform alongside with other testing method such as urine and blood test to provide more complete and detailed information regarding a person’s condition.

In urine and blood tests, you will able to find out about the current body condition such as a disease that is currently present in the person’s body. Therefore, that person will able to search the suitable medical attention and help, and the doctor can determine the treatment and medication that is needed.

Meanwhile with the hair analysis, the medical staff may discover the root of problem when the disease was started. So, as you can see the hair analysis is back to back with other testing method to provide the accurate information about a person’s body

Dec 30

Some Common Myths about Body Weight

Sadly, most people have been misinformed regarding our body weight and fat. So, they are often misled and used by the weight loss industry which have been promoting and make many promises to be able to reduce their body fat really fast.

Almost every day you will hear and or see that these industries are promising their products for “Fast Weight Loss”, “Trainer’s Secret”, and many other commercial jargon in various media.

You are surely had heard or watched some of these advertisement yourself. In fact you might have even bought and use some of those products yourself. But sadly, those diets and exercise products are not magically works as they claim to be, and those products are not the quick solution to our weight and fat problems.

Some of those products are also very dangerous that jeopardize your health and make the problem worse.

This condition mostly caused by several famous myths or misconception concerning about our body weight and fat. Here are some of those misconceptions and the real fact or truth that will explain those myths.

To burn fat you must work out or exercise.

The fact is our bodies do not store the fat because we do not have enough exercise. Our body gains fat because the amounts of blood sugar in our body are exceeding the amount that we are using in our activities. In other words, we are consuming too many calories while having less physical activities.

When we are 30 years old, our metabolism will slow down.

This is wrong! There are many research and studies that are showing that the main reason that causing our metabolism slowing down is because a loss in muscle tissue. And the cause for loss of muscle tissue is because we do not have enough physical activity!

Bread and pasta are fattening.

This is only partially right. Any foods and beverages that have calories have the potential to increase the amount of fat in our body, even for vegetables. Just like that had been mentioned above, the main reason is the excess of blood sugar level and the lack of physical activity. So, the main key is the amount of calories in our foods and drinks that we consumed.

Eating after 7pm will make you fat.

Our body is always burning calories 24 hours per day, even when we sleep. But, the amount of calories that is used and burn are varying depending on our condition and activities. So, it will depend on whether our body requires additional calories at that time or not.

 Strength training will make your body bulk up

Usually, most women will the strength training because of this myth. But, the truth is our muscle size is basically determined by the hormone production and genetics. So, women usually don’t have the chance to build very large muscles like most men.

Muscle will burns calories through our physical activities, therefore the more muscle in our body, it will be easier for our body to burn more calories and fat.

So, here are some of the famous myths regarding about gaining weight. Of course there are also many other myths and misconception about fat and calories. You need to educate yourselves to find the truth rather than relying on the myth, so you can maximize your effort in reducing your weight and fat.

Nov 28

Determine the Air Quality in Your Environment

How would you rate the quality of air in your workplace? More importantly what factors are you considering when rating it?

Your home or work environment may be causing you additional health risks without you realizing it. On average, Canadians spend about more than 50% of their time indoors, thus the quality of indoor air is very important.

Ask yourself a few questions to determine the quality of air in your home or workplace.

Does fresh, outside air flow into the room or office you are usually in?

Better insulation can save on heating costs, but it limits the amount of fresh air that enters and leaves your house or office. As a lot of water vapor is produced from normal human activities, fresh air is necessary to get rid of this extra humidity.

Is the room humid?

Humid or damp conditions in your home can encourage the growth of mold and dust mites. Mold can develop from too much humidity, building leaks, refrigerator drip pans, bathroom surfaces and flooding. Moldy smells from carpet, wood and gypsum board are a sign that they harbor fungi. Stale water in humidifiers and air conditioners can lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Are there any gas-fired appliances?

Typically, oven and pilot light emissions are not vented and can contribute significantly to indoor levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde. Of emerging interest as a potential source of indoor air pollution is the wood burning stove. Since combustion is much less complete with wood than with oil and gas furnaces, pollution emissions can be greater. Though by-products should be vented to the outside, leaks and improper operation of these appliances can cause emissions to the indoors. Kerosene heaters are becoming increasingly popular for space heating. Since these systems are often unvented, the potential for high level contamination exists.

Is your furniture composed of particle board or laminated wood?

Formaldehyde is released from laminated wood and particleboard in which formaldehyde-containing resins have been used. Urea formaldehyde foam insulation is a significant source of formaldehyde and possibly other gaseous products. Insulating materials such as fiberglass can release particulate matter to indoor air.

Health Risks

Illnesses caused by poor air quality range from skin irritation to sneezing and asthma. In some cases, toxins from fungi can cause illness. Toxins in dust can produce fever and flu-like symptoms, especially if the environment is damp. Viruses can also be found in indoor air, but they do not usually lead to illness. A virus does not survive long in air, and getting sick usually results from contact with infected people.