About Us

The Insitute


The American Economic Institute is a leading authority on researching, evaluating and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that meet its stringent standards of economic leadership. It has spearheaded the idea of independent enterprise and entrepreneurial growth allowing businesses of all sizes to be recognized locally and globally. Particular emphasis is given to meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks for customer service, product quality and ethical practices. Industry leading standards and practices have been developed and implementation of the same has been pioneered by the dedicated efforts of the business community and commerce leadership.



The Initiatives division is tasked with using a portion of our funds to support the local, national and international small business community.  This is done via a variety of methods including small business grants, financial packages to certain Leadership award winners, international small business loans, and in-the-field involvement with regional charitable organizations.  We deeply appreciative our partners, organizations and award winners that help make these outreach programs possible.
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Industry Expertise


The Institute attempts to anticipate emerging issues and to be ready with practical ideas, presented in user-friendly formats, to inform and shape public debate. Its audience includes government officials and legislators, business and labor leaders, management and staff at international organizations, university-based scholars and their students, other research institutions and nongovernmental organizations, the media, and the public at large. The mission statement of the Institute is to promote and cultivate a sense of responsible business standards and practices that can be emulated across geographies and industries alike to sustain an environment of trust and stewardship. The organization has been instrumental in assisting in the formulation of policies that encourage incremental growth and supplemental value for all involved.


The Institute’s agenda emphasizes global macroeconomic policy, international finance, trade and investment, energy and the environment, and area studies of key economic regions. Institute staff and research cover key regions. Current priority is attached to the global financial and economic crisis; debt and recovery; the growing role of USA in the world economy; the globalization and its political controversies; global imbalances and exchange rates; national and international financial regulations; export competitiveness; reform of the international economic and financial architecture; sovereign wealth funds; and trade negotiations at the multilateral, regional, and bilateral levels.


Institute studies have helped provide the intellectual foundation for many of the major international policy initiatives of the past three decades: reforms of adoption of international banking reguations and broader financial regulatory reforms; the restoration and then extension of trade promotion authority in the United States; the development of the US free trade agreements. Other influential analyses have addressed economic reform in economic environments, the social impact of globalization and policy responses to it, outsourcing, corruption, foreign direct investment both into and out of the United States, global warming and international environmental policy, measures of currency manipulation and of equilibrium exchange rates, and the sources and growth of services trade.



Team Approach


The  Research Institute differentiates itself by addressing not only the typical financial side of the  business triangle, but also the other two sides which deal with operations and management and how well or poorly people in the system function together.  Our team take a unique, collaborative approach that focuses on balancing interpersonal, operational, and financial issues to help  and closely held businesses achieve breakthrough success. We are committed to the highest work ethic in every aspect of our operations. We understand that relationships are the core foundation to an institute's success and have used that philosophy to absorb and cultivate our valued key team members.


Our team exhibits a potent and powerful blend of interdisciplinary skills and decades of business and industry experttise. Resultant from that focus, our staff is able to combine business strategy with market level experience that is routinely required to generate a meaningful and ultimately quantifiable results. The most intricately planned and meticulously executed ideas can fail without the support of the people on the team - We understands this. We realize that our people are the foundation as well as key to our success. While all business institutes strive to bring good resources to the table, our continued focus and philosophy forces us to accept nothing but the absolute best. We have determined this to be the only way to ensure the consistent successes that our members have come to expect from an organization such as ours.


A significant majority of inititatives falter due to issues related to communication and change adoption. Collaborating with executive-level recruitment consultants, motivating teams and focussing on tasks at hand requires a special skill. We offers our members a true partnership capacility. In essence our delivery capability can be executed in conjunction with the external offering be it delivering professional services, go to market models or supporting business as usual initiatives. Our strategy delivery executes very well in leveraged environments by understanding how to redirect that stress towards a more dynamic outcome. The Institute goes above and beyond exploring and managing initiatives. We drive those initiatives to completion.